Fucking original

Sometimes i wish i never met u.

Weve all heard that we have to learn from our mistakes, but i think its more important to learn from successes. If you learn only from your mistakes, you are inclined to learn only errors.
Norman vincent peale
Fairy Tale?

 Stuff ends to i mean you expect something but it never sseems to happen! that shouldnt go like that! but i guess its time for some to wake up and finally find out that fairytales dont exist! Its sad to ruin dreams but its also not good to be kept waiting..

Like when you expect the best but you only get 20% percent or even less?! now thats a disappointment! Not the other way around maby people should learn to stand up to there feelings than back down and leave everyone wondering… What just happened?

Point of View
  • spending most of your time at the first few minutes of customizing your page is so like wtf? but I’m not here to complain bout this its all about my life! and right now its okay as it goes..

I mean i live in a small town with nothing really to do and our main event is just football and we wait all year just for that?! i mean come on 9theres got to be more excitment.. This cant be all i wait for cuz if itis i need a change in scenario..

I tranferred into a city school just for a week of last year and this year has been great so far.. as you can say.. first it was birthday which was on a homecoming and you know theres really nothing that goes on after them except the dance. which no one wants to hitch a ride with a stinky boy; who all he has on his mind is getting some booty and acting like a retard with his friends. I mean who could see that as a attractive boy? not me.!

If your not gonna act as if im a person then theres no need for you in this life!